Glute Ham Kickbacks To Wall Mountain Climber

This month’s exercise is a combination glue ham kickbacks to wall mountain climber. 

A glute kickback is a type of strength exercise that works your glutes and hamstrings. It is relatively easy to do.

  1. Get into a kneeling push-up position on the floor. Your arms should be shoulder-width apart, and your head should be looking forward. The bend at your knees should create a 90-degree angle between the calves and hamstrings. 
  2. As you exhale, life your right leg until the hamstrings are in line with your back while maintaining the 90-degree bend. While doing this movement, contract your glutes and hold the contraction at the top for a second. 
  3. Inhale and go back to your starting position. Then, repeat with your other leg.
  4. Continue to alternate legs until you have completed your repetitions.

After completing your glue ham kickbacks, find a spot along a wall to do some wall mountain climber repetitions. Mountain climbers with your feet on the wall also helps you work your glutes, shoulders, and chest.

  1. To start, begin in pushup position with your feet pressed against a wall.
  2. Move your feet up the wall, using your hands for leverage. Be sure to push your feet into the wall or you will find yourself sliding down.
  3. Bring one knee towards your chest until your leg is parallel to the ground. Return your foot to the wall and switch legs.
  4.  Alternate this process until you have completed your repetitions.

To see the glute ham kickbacks to wall mountain climber exercise in action, check out this video:

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